Is it Fiesta or a gay disco?

Being the usual curious self I was working late in the net-cafe trying to fix one of the PC’s with the constant bass pumping in the field next door where a Fiesta is taking place so around midnight headed over. Just interested to compare the setup to things I have seen in the UK as I got close people I knew were either heading back home or came over to greet me. Ended up stood in the basketball court chatting and having a few drinks with friends never actually reaching the disco which was under an open canopy. But what I did see was a bit strange in comparison to most places I have been which was that in the few hours we spent over there I only actually seen about 8 – 10 girls/women the majority of people dancing seemed to be either gay or men. I asked April about it this morning and she said “what did I expect?”. Well answer to that question was not an issue with the fact there were so many gays at the fiesta but just where did they come from? I know several in our area but not the amount that were at the event. It does make some sense though as things like the TV show “Showtime” are normally predominantly gay dancers. So having a lot of the community at a dance event would make sense. Its something I have noticed in the Philippines though is the large gay community at the same time people are asking why there are so many women available for marriage? Well although the ratio of guys/girls is 50/50 up to a certain age nobody does a graph of how many people are chasing guys.. you might find the ratio of heterosexual males is a lot lower than people realise. Not sure why or really that interested just an observation.

But getting back to the Fiesta it was more eventful than I had anticipated as I managed to meet one of the people who organise the events on the field which might be the beginning of Upper Calajo-an’s football (soccer). As creating an interest in the sport and doubling up the current basketball court for both sports could be the cheap option as well as already having people who are established in organising sports in our area.