Is it dangerous in the Philippines? – Come to the Philippines!

Lots of people have been asking me that lately and its the main reason people wont go. But the funny thing is very few things happen randomly in the Philippines. If you look into the number of killings etc. and then look into the background of the stories there always seems to be more going on than meets the eye. Its a topic I wont give direct cases but the reasons are the fact some are political related, others sex industry and then robbery. But regardless of what they did they all have families and I’m not a media circus.

But what I will advise if you do come to the Philippines you will find the majority of the population are welcoming and happy and proud you visit they’re country. You will find things like shopping malls have a lot of security more than your probably used to. Hotels and Condos also carry some form of security and generally most people are just interested in how your trip is going and unlikely to cause any trouble. People are well aware of the value of tourism but I understand if anyone is worried about coming.. But I could put it another way and organise a personal guide while you stay who will meet you at your hotel room every day and drop you back there and it would cost around £10 a day or even throw in a vehicle (fuel is extra but its cheap anyway) for £15 a day including a guide. Anyone who does the guide work a family members and who will make sure your kept safe. Only thing I can say if you don’t come to the Philippines your missing out on an experience of a life time and I’m there so you might aswell exploit my local knowledge and get the most out of the trip.