Is Cebu, Philippines a good place to live?

The thing with Cebu is has so many variables on “where” you want to live. The beach, city, provincial life or mountains. Pretty much all are achievable and not too expensive. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, the mountain areas are a lot cooler due to the altitude and growing things like Orchids becomes possible which is something very difficult to do where we live in a town. I prefer the climate of the higher regions but at the same time April would find it maybe too cold. Also due to the remoteness things like transportation and risk of being cut off in bad weather exists. If you head into the city to live you have everything on your doorstep which isn’t always positive as although you have all the shops etc. you also end up with a lot more street crime, smog and congestion. Its all a balance of waying up what you will do with your time or if your working living nearer your office may save you time everyday. Beach life is another option and some of it doesn’t even have to be so far from a city there are plenty of beaches and lots that can be bought at a fair price. Only issues may be fresh water connections and also pollution as a lot of the sewage ends up in the waters so if your near to a connection your going to have the misfortune of the odours and the risk of disease.. Not everywhere mind just where there is population density. E.g. if you head away from the cities the waters become a lot cleaner. Generally populations are moving towards the major cities which is creating large areas with low population similar to that experienced in Western countries during industrial revolutions. The population is on the move for better jobs to secure a better future. So living further away from a city is cleaner, you can produce a lot of your own foods and on top of that there is little risk of a city developing around you robbing you of your quiet life. For example most of the YaYa’s (Nanny’s) I have met in Cebu come from Negros which is miles away. I have no doubt that Minglanilla will eventually be difficult to see where Talisay or Naga end and Minglanilla starts due to the population growth in the area. At the same time no doubt the quiet life will still be readily available further south or into the mountains as everyone will be heading here for the new job opportunities that will open up with the SRP once the factories start opening.

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  1. Montague_girl
    July 15, 2010 at 9:11 am

    @TropicalPenpals you’re a Filipino?

    • Montague_girl
      July 15, 2010 at 9:26 am

      @TropicalPenpals ahhh…nice. You must know Tagalog. Do you speak in Tagalog?

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        July 15, 2010 at 9:34 am

        @TropicalPenpals ahhh…can you understand me if I say hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng Cebu?

        • Montague_girl
          July 18, 2010 at 4:45 am

          @TropicalPenpals oh. I dunno how to speak in Cebuano.