Is Cebu a good place for an Expat?

To be honest best place to be right now is in Minglanilla and its not down to me trying to rent out apartments! Reason being yesterday SM (Major retail company) has stated its about to push through with its development on the SRP road which is between Minglanilla and Cebu City. For me I would say Cebu doesn’t need another one of these malls purely because they sell their own stocks which are very limited but then again I have been here long enough to know a new mall means new customers even if the selection mimics the other stores they have! This will create thousands of jobs in the area as well as push up rental or land prices. In Minglanilla in the last 18 months we have also seen the arrival of 2 other mini malls so right now Minglanilla is the place to be purely because its less densly populated than Cebu city at the same time all the big chain businesses are arriving on its doorstep. Add to that cheaper electric, rentals and less pollution its going to start to boom here considerably in the next 10 years.

What does that mean for me? well personally I am happy to be 45mins from the city so will likely be heading south in the next 5 years at the same time I would say if your visiting Cebu for 3 – 12 months Minglanilla is starting to become the major route south giving you the city lifestyle on your doorstep as well as access to the provincial quiet life by heading south on the same road instead of North. We currently have personally 6 houses and 3 apartments available either now or in the near future which I would look to rent in advance. Why? Because I spent time negotiating the rent down! You can get a 2 bedroom house for P8,000 or a 1 bedroom for P7,000 head 5mins towards Talisay or Pardo which is nearer the city by literally a stones throw they are reaching P12,000 – P15,000 for the same facilities. I expect to see the places go up in price purely because more people are coming to the area which means higher prices as people become more fussy on tenants.

2 comments for “Is Cebu a good place for an Expat?

  1. colin
    June 4, 2011 at 5:57 am

    I need to rent an apartment in cebu from June 14 2011.I will be working in lahug far away are u? i am in interested in one or two bed house.please reply.thanks.colin? i am in interested in one or two bed house.please reply.thanks.colin

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      June 4, 2011 at 6:38 am

      Hi Colin,
      I am too far south of Cebu Lahug is more NW would take you an hour each way to go to work from here.