Iranian students will still study in Cebu after bus crash that killed 20 students and a Filipino bus driver.

An Iranian official stated that after the crash at Balamban town that resulted in the death of 20 Iranian medical students and physicians that students will still be coming to Cebu.

Dr. Gholamreza Heidari, executive advisor to the Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education, said that while the tragedy was the biggest incident that happened to Iranians outside of their country, his countrymen would continue to send their children to study in the Philippines. He said they have accepted the tragedy at face value as an accident. Dr.Gholamreza Heidari arrived in Cebu on the 17th of June to offer thanks from the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education. As well as from the ambassador for all the assistance people gave in dealing with the tragedy.

“We want to thank Cebu City mayor-elect Michael Rama, Balamban Mayor Alex Binghay, the Cebu Doctors Hospital University president Potenciano Larrazabal, doctors and staff of Cebu Doctors Hospital and Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital, Dr. Enrico Gruet, Dr. Wyben Briones of the Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation and all those who help in the rescue for their immediate assistance,” he said.

Currently no charges have been filed against J&D Tours the owners of the bus involved in the crash as evidence is still being gathered at this time.

Heidari then confirmed that the 20 Iranian bodies would be flown to Iran, along with five injured Iranians who have been released from  hospital. The bodies will immediately be turned over to the families upon arrival in Iran so that burial services can be carried out. Each body was placed in a casket. Then Prayers were offered before each casket was packed in a wooden crate and then sealed prepared for transit home.

Iran Consul Mohammad Tavana and Iranian ambassador to the Philippines Azi Rozbehani arrived at the Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes in Nivel Hills to witness the sealing of crates.


.A total of 22 Iranians and two Pakistanis were confined at the Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital (CDUH). Most of them were medical doctors and students, who suffered minor injuries such as sprains, cuts and bruises.

Dr. Potenciano Larrazabal Jr., CDUH president, said at least seven patients were discharged from the hospital already. “We did all sorts of tests to make sure they were all right, also because of their insistence,” he said. “ We did MRI, x-rays and so far there are no real problems.”

For the medical expenses, he has been in touch with the Pakistani and Iranian embassies who have offered to cover all expenses incurred. The current issue from the hospital though is that it hasn’t been done in writing by the Iranian officials.“That’s the problem, I’m still trying to ask them (Iranian consul) to do so (put their pledge in writing) because it will help us a lot,” said Larrazabal in an interview with radio dyAB.

Marjorie Salvador, who is a representative of Unitrans, the insurance company for  J and D Tours , stated that insurance claims of victims would be paid once documentary requirements are completed.

Salvador said the family of each fatality would receive P16,000. A death certificate, identification card of the representative and burial receipts, among others, have to be presented.

Each survivor will receive P12,500.

On talking with the students and doctors Larrazabal said that they now wanted to return home to Iran and Pakistan after their traumatic experience on the bus crash.