Iranian students killed in bus crash head home from Cebu, Philippines.

Luzviminda Yap a nanny of Iranian twins, survived the tragic tour accident which claimed 21 lives. But although she survived herself one of the twins she was caring for was killed in the incident. The accident involving a bus that  lost control before falling into a ravine in barangay Cansamuroy, Balamban town in western Cebu on June 13 leaving 21 dead. Yap yesterday said her last goodbyes to the boy along side another 19 Iranians who were transported home on the 20th of June via a private charter by the Iranian government of a Boeing 747 which flew direct from Cebu to Tehran.

A 15-minute Islamic ritual was made before the coffins were loaded onto the plane. During the service the relatives of the victims cried and people waved as the coffins were placed into the cargo hold of the plane. On arrival in Iran the bodies will be handed to relatives for preparation of a muslim burial.


Iranian Ambassador Ali Mojtaba Rouzbehani said he was grateful to the Cebuanos and Filipino people for being with them in their moment of grief. “This is an accident. Life has to go on. This (incident) will not affect our ties with the Philippines. It has even made both countries closer with one another,” Ruzbehani told reporters.

Rouzbehani particularly thanked Cebuanos for saving 23 Iranians who are now recuperating after the accident.

He said the Iranian government will not prevent their citizens from coming to the Philippines.