Iranian bus crash in Cebu, Philippines students were singing just before the accident in which at least 21 people died and 26 were injured as found on a video recorded on the bus.

The medical students from Iran studying in Cebu, Philippines had been recorded singing prior to the fatal vehicle crash when the bus left the road and fell over 50ft into a ravine in baranghay Cansamuroy, Balamban in northern Cebu, Philippines.

Authorities found a video this morning which showed the Iranians singing along the way before the fatal bus accident which killed at least 21 of them.

Army officers retrieved some of the belongings of the victims that might be of assistance in identifying the victims.

As of now the video has not been made available for the media and is still being kept while awaiting for clearance from the police investigators.

Currently there are 9 passengers “missing” although confusion as to the exact number of passengers on the bus is also hindering efforts. As it is believed 55 passengers should have been on the bus at the time of the accident.

Villagers and police pulled bodies from the mangled wreckage at the rocky bottom of the ravine, while a backhoe sent by a nearby Japanese shipbuilding company attempted to lift the bus up.

The Iranian ambassador arrived to assist the Iranian nationals who were among the casualties in Sunday’s tragic tour. He however requested to keep his visit private.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo also came for a private visit in Cebu and asked Chief Supt. Lani O-Nerez, chief of the Police Regional Office (PRO-7) to brief her about the incident.

Most of the victims are admitted at the Cebu Doctors Hospital, while those who perished are laid at the Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes in Nivel Hills, Lahug, Cebu city.


I always have an issue with how these incidents are recorded and hit the national TV network. Since the accident there has been on the news here in the Philippines showing the bodies being removed and covered but also the distress that some of the other passengers and people identifying their fellow classmates are having to deal with at the crash scene. Its a sad state of affairs when privacy and dignity is removed to replace it with a news story for the masses.