Internet capping in the Philippines

Something that became common in the UK was the “unlimited bandwidth” to find it was being throttled back to slow it down or that its unlimited as long as you don’t go over a certain limit otherwise your charged. But guess what Philippines is doing the same thing problem is I know like others do they have been throttling as well as other stuff to save money on bandwidth difference is now they are looking to do it in a more restrictive manner.

Ayala-led telco Globe Telecom are looking to impose the “fair use” program which as we know isn’t a true figure people can work with as they can adjust it to suit themselves. They are primarily looking at customers downloading more than 1 Gigabyte per day which they say is around 80% of its bandwidth is being used by 5% of its customers leaving only 20% for everyone else. My question would be though are the 5% already paying more for the service? What’s the point of an unlimited 6gb connection for example if its only any use for browsing facebook once throttled back? might as well then become a 1mb or even smaller

package as it offers very little in service. Another company in the Philippines looking to get paid for not providing service by the sounds of it.

SkyCable is another company which has rolled out a 5mb connection sounds great until you read the small print telling you its got a 15gb per month limit. Great service if you don’t actually use it!

In Globes defence they sited that 23.8% of global internet traffic is piracy related so obviously them reducing their service will help reduce piracy in the Philippines (Or would we just see an increase of DVD vendors on every street corner of cities??).


“Because it is our responsibility to provide our subscribers with quality Internet services, we are doing all we can to teach our broadband users how to properly use the internet," stated Jurist Gamban, head of globe fixed broadband business.
Gamban added, “Through this forum, we are actively involving the parents in guiding their children when they access the World Wide Web. We are concerned about how children are exposed to various Internet activities, from downloads, playing games, to watching videos and doing social networking and chatting.
Without restrictions, the Internet can be a source of information not suited for children, or worse, might pose risks that will threaten their minds and own security, Gamban said.

The oddest thing though in all this defence talk is they haven’t mentioned one of the fastest if not the fastest growing Philippines industry. They Cybersex industry! Talk of how people use the internet for downloading their latest TV shows or even kids being on Facebook Shock horror! but nothing about child prostitution over the internet which is plaguing the country but then again if they were taking anti-piracy seriously surely they would monitor their bandwidth which would also mean they could flag up traffic relating to the sex industry very easily. They quoted 36% of Torrents being downloaded are pornography as well yet still nothing about the live webcam sex industry.

The reason I am pushing the anti-cam industry though is it is illegal and can be filtered out of the systems but obviously there is a lot of money going on in that so wonder why the average person at home is being told how to use the internet while real crimes go unpunished.

6 comments for “Internet capping in the Philippines

  1. Anonymous
    April 8, 2011 at 2:02 am

    Actually over the xmas period they reduced it to .8 GB, what`s that 800 MB? citing greater use over the xmas period and a fair share for all, Canada seems to be following similar ” unlimited ” poicy`s though as friends are complaining of a similar practice, sad eh? So it would appear that Globe really only has it`s customers satisfaction in mind when implementing this, thanks Globe, mind you it has only affected me once!

    • Tropicalpenpals
      April 8, 2011 at 2:32 am

      Thing is they never mentioned business customers is it part of the same capping? Also its purely cash savings nothing else the bandwidth is already slow compared to other countries. The UK was/is trying to bring in anti-piracy by ISPs spying on their customers (They do already but only pass data on if requested) which would reduce the usage in the UK. But then again if this sort of thing comes enforced I am sure the netcafe would become more busy as people like myself (if i didn’t have the cafe) would get rid of it purely because emails only takes me 30mins a day so a lot cheaper to spend P10 in a netcafe than have it at home.

  2. Ian Ruiz
    April 16, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    It’s been like almost a year since I experienced slowdowns. Like even simply logging in to my messenger doesn’t work. I even heard about rumors of sky broadband places limits to their customers inorder to satisfy those who are using the 15mbps 15-day free trial. That is so unfair to those who paid their subscription also those who used the trial will be another victim like me who gets slow internet.

  3. Genkuro
    April 25, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    It all boils down to one thing, MONEY. Of course we understand that a a business, they must keep up their profit margins, but as it is, are you satisfied with the current service these telcos are providing? In my stead, I say no. Even if the NTC has already scrapped bandwidth capping in the draft memo, what makes you think they (telcos) are not doing so albeit silently anyway? Even if they increase our bandwidth speed to lure in new subscribers through big advertisements, what’s the point if they implement a loophole calling it as “fair use policy?” Like one Telco that increased its bandwidth speed from 1MB to 2MB and yet very minimal improvement of service. Frequent downtime, crappy customer service support still exists. I know people will always pay for any type of service, but that payment should also equate to what we pay for. We are paying for the SPEED AS ADVERTISED and not for the AMOUNT OF DATA. If that will be the case, then they should advertise the TRUTH that they want us to pay for VOLUME. That is what bandwidth capping is all about. I know two telcos has already implemented “fair use.” FAIR TO THEM not us. What’s the point in paying for lighting connection speeds (if and when available) if one can get only a thimbleful of information from the world wide web? If we will not question this “fair use policy” these telcos are relying on as a loophole from the now scrapped bandwidth capping? What’s next? Throttling? GREED is truly evil.

    • Tropicalpenpals
      April 26, 2011 at 2:13 am

      Absolutely.. they are throttling already as I see my bandwidth move around during the day. They have always done that. But all ISPs seem to do it even in the UK its a common problem. Big problem in the Philippines is most things are sub standard to start with and then they want to charge more and deliver even less!

      • Genkuro
        May 3, 2011 at 4:38 am

        More like get paid for the Speed connection and be paid extra for each over the limit GB.

        Well really, they just want to get paid for absolutely nothing.