Internet cafe under construction

imagesNew business venture starts on Friday our internet cafe. I looked at various buildings in the area to operate from and after taking a bit of exploring into the rental costs it simply wouldn’t be viable at least for the near future until we had established. So what was decided was to convert the pig pens at the side of my parents in-laws house as the base and half the brickwork is already in existence same as the roof. So adjustments currently looking at a budget of P60,000 this includes converting one pen into a net cafe and the second into a small kitchen / eatery. Aswell as a second floor which can either be an apartment, storage or office area. I’m not looking for the initial venture to be a huge success but more a regular income is my current concern as the facility will have more uses in the future. If it can generate P600 – P1000 a day I will be happy as it allows for growth. Cutting our overheads down helps keep the profits up rather than having a landlord scrapping off most of the profits. So all I will say is watch this space.. as I have talked a lot about it over the last few months but now its starting to come together.