Internet cafe in a shipping container

After a bit or assessing the available space and the fact the current net-cafe is worth more as an apartment than it is as a cafe as the size of the room isn’t needed especially after a reshuffle of the PCs to test how much room we actually needed to get it all into a container. We actually people prefer the “pod” design as the layout means people cant see each others screens so no more cheating on things like Counter-strike. But the first thoughts people are going to be saying is “won’t it be too hot?” well this is the stage I am looking at right now as I know the cooling system can be done in a way that is not only cheap to install but cheap to run although I will be looking to source heat reflective paint as well as other things in the near future. I came across this design today which sort of fits my idea of how the new internet cafe building will look.image Although I will reduce the number of windows as “light” isn’t needed too much in the net-cafe unless you want a lot of complaints. I will probably go with a centred door as this offers the ability to put the pod type system in place which allows people to move round it for seating. I don’t expect to do this in the next few months as we will be refurbishing the net-cafe as we go and starting to convert it into an apartment. E.g. the vinyl flooring will be replaced with tiles in the next six weeks. A shower room and toilet will be getting installed and piped. Then we will be waiting to sort the container our as the apartment would pretty much be finished except for furniture and the kitchen both parts I don’t want to do while there are customers using it as a net-cafe as it will get damaged. Same with the painting (Kids put feet on the walls).

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