Internet Business In The Philippines

I wanted to discuss this as I have come across several people making money off the internet as well as the fact I do. But more importantly there are some big divides on how people do it and how people shouldn’t be doing it. On ethical grounds I think the E-books that are either out of date or lack any valuable content aren’t the way to go especially when they know many of the readers treat them as gospel advice. Not so sure? I count the number of suicides I am aware of in the last 18 months and its now over 12, you see many people leave the West for “living in Paradise” and the Philippines isn’t it for many simply because they struggled in their normal lives before and lack business drive and initiative to pull them through the transition that most people do or have done.

Yes retirees are a different kettle of fish until you realise many get stranded here believing they could live on a small pension not realising that inflation is high in the Philippines the Dollar, Euro and Sterling have collapsed in value and the fact cost of living is increasing all the time. Odd thing is could a retiree find a part-time job back in their home country to top up the difference? In the UK our Garden and building chain B+Q is famous for hiring older people due to their reliability. Here in the Philippines what are the options? For many to live a poor life out until the end.

Not all doom and gloom but for new arrivals you need to keep an exit ticket handy and watch everything with your eyes wide open. Getting back on topic with the post the first batch of people I have come across doing Internet Business In The Philippines are the E-book peddlers at the same time also doing things like real-estate on the back of it. Fine as long as you let people your taking no prisoners and your in it 100% for the money as a lot of people trust people too easily (getting back to ethics).

On top of that you have another group which are people like myself and I have met many others here that are generally finding ways to make money legitimately on the internet either via things like blogs, advertising or drop ship businesses all of them work and provide a niche service. Most of the guys I have come across are one person businesses although several have employed people previously to find them stealing websites,ideas,clients etc. etc. and in one case they just wasted the guys money being trained and as soon as all the staff were competent enough they all went to another company (Its common practice to do with “worth” doesn’t make any sense as the next company may end up even paying less).

The next group are the virtual services and BPO as they like to call it in the Philippines. Mainly these are things like your call centres and virtual assistants as well other services that can be managed via the internet and software such as Skype. This is an expanding business area but I do have concerns that the Philippines will eventually price itself out of the market  as has happened to India in recent times which is why we are seeing a market shift in the BPO industries.

But what I would say though is that Internet Business In The Philippines is probably one of the most buoyant industries in the country currently due to being able upscale and downscale as and when needed. As well as the fact if someone’s willing to put the time in I am sure they can pick up clients easy enough back in the West.