Internationally known Filipinos – Arnel Pineda

GW202H303 Arnel Pineda new lead singer of Journey
Another success story in the mold of Charice being discovered on YouTube and also appearing on Ellen show.
Videos of his group, The Zoo, performing cover songs by Journey, Survivor, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Air Supply, The Eagles, Kenny Loggins and other popular acts from the 70s, 80s and 90s, began appearing on YouTube in February 2007.
On June 28 2007 Neal Schon of Journey contacted Noel Gomez, a long time fan and friend of Pineda who uploaded many of these videos, to ask for Pineda’s contact information. Schon sent an e-mail to Pineda inviting the latter to audition for Journey. Pineda initially dismissed the e-mail as a hoax, but after being persuaded by Gomez, he finally replied to Schon’s e-mail. Ten minutes later, Pineda received a phone call from Schon. On August 12, Pineda, along with his manager Bert de Leon, flew to Marin County, just north of San Fransisco, for a two-day audition.The star-struck Pineda was welcomed warmly but he described the audition as "nerve-wracking, tense". On December 5 2007, Pineda was announced as the lead singer of Journey.
CNN Headline News ran the story as part of their "News To ME" segment.
Pineda debuted as the lead singer of Journey on February 21, 2008 at the International Song Festival held at the Quinta Vergara Amphitheater in Vina Del Mar, Chile.