Internationally Famous Filipinos – Carlos Esguerra – World Class Photographer

Carlos L. Esguerra – Multi-Awarded Photographer


Photography as an art is not as simple as it sounds. Capturing realism in its simplest geometric and conceptual form without technical or material tampering is never that easy. But for Carlos Esguerra, it is a challenge that comes to him naturally.

Carlos L. Esguerra is a Filipino who now currently resides in New York City. For 36 years, he was in the computer field and started as a programmer analyst for IBM Corporation in White Plains, NY. Years later, he became the founder and president of CLÉ Systèmes, Inc. for 12 years.

He then took an early retirement from his business in 2003 to devote his time to his newly discovered passion….. photography. And it was not the wrong decision indeed.

He became a recipient of more than 40 national and international awards as a landscape and fine arts photographer for the past ten years. His works had also been selected in numerous photography exhibits in the U.S. and in other countries : Canada, Austria, France, Germany, and Sweden.

 Manila Bay by: Carlos L. Esguerra


Carlos loves to capture nature’s beauty with the least number of elements, framed and composed in a simple view.

When asked why he likes the “calm” or “silent” style of photography, Carlos replied that his works were strongly influenced by the Japanese Zen principles. “I strive to make my photographs simple, clean, and uncluttered” said Esguerra.

“Manila Bay” (above), one of his best shots, really captured my admiration in so many ways. There was simplicity and there indeed was beauty.

Carlos Esguerra. A great Photographer. A brilliant person. An admiration of simplicity.