Interesting few days

The blog may appear a bit quiet the last few days but its simply down to being extremely busy. I had to miss out on a few events as well due to the current amount of stuff going on. One of the biggest problems came today when I noticed a bit of a glitch on my emails that had left over 2000 emails stuck on the server. Why you might ask and so would I but the answer was in the emails! normally my emails get redirected into my day to day email address but what had happened is that the server I am on with Hostgator had found its IP address blacklisted with hotmail. I can only assume that one of the websites on the server has been spamming out loads of emails and ended up causing the block. Glad to say got it sorted though at the same time had lots of emails to reply to that should have been done in the last 3 months. But on the positive side it was nice to see what others are getting up to. Everything from boat building to gardening as well as travelling. Missed out on a few car hires and room rentals but couldn’t be helped due to not getting the emails. Third problem in three years with Hostgator the last one they lost my site but managed to recover it from an old backup then after trying to stick the blame on me it seemed lots of HostGator sites went down the same weekend so they either had a major upgrade that caused disruption or some hardware failures, either way I like other customers weren’t happy.

On a positive note though will be sorting out the Jeepy this week as well as replacing the broken rim and tyre on the scooter so mobility is back and hopefully some more travels with interesting articles. Presently also sorting out saddle bags for the scooter to allow waterproof carrying of camera equipment and light luggage so all in all things are on the up. Haven’t really lost any time as we seem to be getting a lot of rain the last few weeks.