Indian Curry House Restaurant, Cebu, Philippines

indian curry house, Cebu, Philippines

We were invited to a night out with our friends Rob and Des, with Rob also being a fellow Brit one thing that is always a craving for us has got to be curry! Which is why tonight’s venue didn’t take much persuading to get us there. With Ewe still indian curry house, Cebu, Philippinesbeing a bit on young side he tagged along and glad to say as normal was well behaved.

An important thing to mention here is a lot of people don’t realise the link between curry and the British but Curry became the national dish years ago due to its popularity. Where I live in Worcester there are more Indian and Pakistani food restaurants than anything else by far. Everything from high end down to a kitchen and a delivery driver with no restaurant. That’s one of the beauties of Curry food is it doesn’t matter where you eat it you will come across many different blends and flavours that cover most peoples tastes and budget.

Now the Indian Curry House Restaurant In Cebu has toned its flavours down as well as altered its menu for local tastes which is why you will find pork on the menu. To be honest as long as it has Curry as part of it I have to admit I am not too fussy on the meat, happy to skip the meat altogether and go for a good vegetable curry if its available.

Indian curry house cebu - mixed buffetNow with the food options at the Indian Curry House, Cebu I would say not to stick to one meal as there is plenty of variety and portions are small. If going in a group may even pay to order the whole menu as it won’t break the bank and means you can mix and match especially if bringing people who haven’t tasted curry before.

Another important factor is the owner is willing to adjust the dishes to your flavour, if your like me and Rob we asked ours to be made as hot as possible while the dishes April and Des went with were made mild.

Rob had also taken a snapshot of the menu’s which I have added below you may find useful to get an idea of what is available and the pricing.

 curry house,cebu,Philippines MENU curry house,cebu,Philippines MENU

curry dishes - Curry house,cebu,philippines

 Getting on to the food and the restaurant itself there are several types of rice but would recommend Basmati. The Poppadums hit the spot as a good way to scoop up the curry and would recommending ordering extra of these since your likely to get through them faster than anything else, Tasted great. The curries themselves I can’t really review an individual meal as we had more of a large buffet selection and to be honest everything tasted good and the only thing I can say on a negative side is the meat is still on the bone. Now authentic India dishes should be but in the UK nearly every restaurant I eat in is always stripped from the bone which makes it easier to eat. But even with that it wasn’t really an issue due to the meat being juicy and falling from the bone easily. Advise taking your own wine and soft drinks as at the time we were there options were very limited. Coca Cola was the only drink available besides alcohol and no wine was available, always tastes better when curry is washed down with a nice bottle of white.

Now all stuffed and having to actually take stuff home because of over ordering (no complaints!) we headed off outside the total meal cost less than P1,600 for the 4 of us. The location of the restaurant is perfect for grabbing a taxi as its a taxi short cut route giving a lot of traffic flowing straight past the front of the restaurant. For those worried about security though there is actually a Police outpost opposite with 2 guys on duty. They also flagged the taxi down for us.

philippines pnp (police) outpost cebuThe Indian Curry House, Cebu location is a little off the beaten track on its own but well worth the trip especially for a curry lover. As the options in Cebu are very limited on this type of cuisine due to the local palete being rather mild in comparison to Western tastes. The restaurant is rather small so ideal for small parties or as a couple. Friendly staff and would recommend a visit when in Cebu.

Address :- 57 Almendras Mabolo, Cebu City.

Telephone :- 09273839546 / 09238264033

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