Increasing your web traffic

One thing you may not know is that it takes a lot of work to start working your way up the rankings. Even more if you dont spend time doing some of the work.

Registering with the engines :- one of the first stages of getting found is letting engines know you exist! So first ports of call would be

google :-

Yahoo :-

They are just the tip of the iceberg there is literally 1000s of search engines out there if you want a “blasted” submission give me a shout and ill do it for P1,000 which will add you to the majority of them. Via some software I have (that wasnt cheap).

The next thing is to make sure when you write your posts you make them easy for search engines to crawl them. One of the things that makes this easy with the blog is if you use windows live writer (Which is free). Putting on the addon feature for tags. Then its just a simple “Ctrl A” on the keyboard and tell it to generate the tags for whichever blog software you are using. The next stage is SEO (Search Engine Optomization) which is a description about the blog etc. that makes it easy for search engines to understand aswell. The better its written the more likely your ranking could increase as it makes it easier to crawl the blog.

Something also people forget is descriptions for photos. I have to admit im also one of these.. simply because im normally busy and trying to do several things at once. BUT you may lose brownie points with things like Google for not doing it.