In the last couple of weeks did the world go mad?


Sounds a bit odd to start a topic off with but to be honest I have been asking that question a lot lately as so many people seem to be hypocrites in the way things are. On the one hand people are up in arms in support of democracy in the Middle East which in the last couple of days is now seeing Muslims and Christians murder each other as unrest continues, Libya has turned into a civil war and pretty much unrest is all over the Middle East being backed by most of the West in some form even though many of these people came to power on the back royal kissof Western support in the first place. But then we have a royal wedding? Don’t get me wrong everyone deserves their day but didn’t we move away from a monarchy into a democracy system? didn’t we actually want democracy so the people could choose their own future and not be dictated to by a what would have been previously a regime? Maybe I missed something along the way as it does seem to not make any sense at all that we support change in the Middle East but become a world of flag waving crazies over a couple of royals which aren’t even part of British modern society. Over 30 million Americans also watched the wedding by the way which for me I would ask what was the Boston Tea incident about? Or is it more to do with Disney syndrome about being a princess? who knows..


Osama Bin LadenThen we had Bin Laden and his assassination in Pakistan which for me has just been an election spin for Obama as he’s constantly in the media even with the smallest bit of information on the murder. Today “Obama wasn’t sure if Osama was in the compound” like it matters now its just being spun out as the start of the election campaign gets underway. Forget the recession, forget high unemployment, forget the economy is in dire straits, Obama killed Osama and that’s all that matters. Or is it? see the problem with the Bin Laden incident where America decided to wander into Pakistan uninvited is that it has broken international law as far as I am concerned. Pakistan was unaware of it happening and hadn’t given America access for the assault, regardless if Osama was there or not carrying out such a mission sets precedence for future such attacks in other countries. Now America has gone flag waving and saying it done the right thing because he is a bad man and Pakistan is now being accused of knowing he was there at the same time I do question the fact that America knew about the compound years ago and yet they took so long to find someone where they thought he might be. At the same time swiftly adding into the media oh we used some of those people we tortured for information that led up to this so water torture is ok! On the same water torture topic discussing the number of people that spent time at Guantanamo bay torture and interrogation centre where it seems most of the detainee’s (can’t be prisoners as they weren’t arrested) weren’t even guilty or at least not in the way America said.

For me currently I just can’t believe peoples short term memories of the years passed as history only seems to go as far as American Idol or Britain’s got talent. Only good thing though hopefully the last couple of weeks is over and the royal wedding has already started to disappear from the media yet I am hoping Obama can come up with something more interesting than a dead Osama to run his campaign but then again what can he promise to deliver he failed on everything he promised before the last election?

The one thing I do love about the Philippines though is the ability to switch off to the outside world when you choose to. I generally don’t watch any TV and have started avoiding the BBC website even the last couple of weeks as they have got as bad as tabloid press with its constant bombardment of Osama,Obama and Royals and as a comedian I was listening to the other day said “wonder what would have happened if the Osama assassination and the Royal wedding happened at the same time”. Which to be honest would have made it more interesting.