In fighting between Expats and part-time Expats

I honestly can’t be bothered with the infighting that goes on between different groups of people purely because they know they can’t change each others minds on things but constantly try to or even worse start spreading rumours or allegations. Recently someone said I was as bad as what some of the guys get upto because I  know them sort of “guilt by association” yet I live on an island.. you do bump into people from time to time but it doesn’t mean they are my best buddies or in fact I see them more than a couple of times in a year. The problem with the guilt by association though is a lot of people are spreading rumours about people online purely based on what they read, create or find on the internet. All I can say is that the internet often throws up all sorts of information and a lot of it isn’t true much of it like here in Cebu is people trying to create a bad image about someone else.

Doesn’t mean its all wrong but if your new to the Philippines I would go on the side of caution as many things aren’t what they seem good and bad. Generally I keep myself to myself as I have little interest in what many people are doing on top of the fact anything illegal the Philippines authority are there to deal with it. If they don’t like a discussion I was having yesterday was that “this is their country not ours” because although sometimes we see things we shouldn’t some situations can become volatile purely because of our upbringing. A prime example of this was a friend of mine was sat at a restaurant where a group of local guys had been drinking heavily when one stood up and urinated in front of a woman. The woman stormed off shouting “Bastos” (no manners) and my friend asked the guy politely why he did that when the CR (bathroom) was nearby. This resulted in the local guy getting mad and then waited for him outside the restaurant with his friends to attack him. Luckily enough the guard intervened and got transportation for my friend out of there. Moral high ground is a dangerous game in a foreign country and the long term people in most cases have removed themselves from the local politics and issues that surround the country. Not because of being cowards but simply its common sense, we are guests here and if there are internal problems its got to be dealt with internally being a foreigner you may find nobody sides with you if your right or wrong which could put you on the wrong end of a bullet or sharp object. Not trying to scare people here but would say the “part-time” expats who are generally overseas workers who arrive with a pocket full of cash spend it then go back to work be aware that the majority of people that live here long term are nested into the community in a different way. Long term residents get more headaches because of the fact many operate businesses and have a lot of ongoing factors part-time expats are not yet familiar with in many cases.

Now there is another group of people who tried, failed and left the Philippines that often create problems online for whatever reason. But simply would say just move on with your lives, I have had things fail over the years and letting it dwell just leaves a bitter taste. Moving here to the Philippines myself I have been lucky that nothing has failed generally at worst things break even or make a profit. Doesn’t mean its all easy as constantly I have to find new ideas and ventures to keep our life going forward. There are real people here and if your the people you think you are then you should understand that me as well as other people doing business here have no links with undesirable industries or anything illegal. I have a background in businesses varying from restaurants and bars to multimillion pound industries which does give me an advantage over many who have not dabbled in business before. Doesn’t mean I am always right as sometimes it goes wrong but at the same time I do prepare for things going wrong constantly which is why I have so many irons in the fire. On the other hand it does disappoint me when people start spreading things (not about me as far as I know) about people being involved in things they aren’t in some sort of attack on others without reason. I noticed several people I do know in person such as the Blacks and Jim Cunningham starting to be dragged into accusations of involvement with things they aren’t in a way that can damage their character. The conspiracy theorists out there should find something better to do and if there are facts and truths in what is being written you should contact the authorities to deal with it.

As regards comments on this post I am blocking it as too many people will want the “last word” and it will just run and run with nothing constructive. I have no interest in the infighting and no interest in unfounded speculation as its damaging peoples reputations without merit or reason.