Improving TV in the Philippines for kids

To be honest TV is shockingly bad when it comes to helping kids develop their minds and gain some education. Not that I encourage anyone to watch TV in the first place but often its one of those things I am not anywhere near to control. Which is why I started looking at what can help stimulate the kids brains in a positive way if they are watching TV. No Scooby Doo or other cartoony type shows that don’t have any depth in them. Which is why bringing in some good DVD’s before you arrive is worth doing, I introduced Zoei to Bagpuss which was originally started in 1974 but lacks any of the fast paced, short attention span nonsense things like Tom and Jerry bring to the TV set. Bagpuss is a unique show that anyone around my age seems to know (from the UK). But I also managed to locate it in the U.S. as a box set with another couple of older shows. The main reason I like the older stuff is its more basic and less in your face which can only be good for children as well as actually interesting.

Another thing I need to get which haven’t yet is Dora the explorer because Zoei seems to like it although on the local TV its in Tagalog where Bisaya/Cebuano is the local dialect its bad enough already with 2 languages in the house without adding another one to the mix at least for now. The funny thing with this was when I was in the UK l picked up a Diego action figure type of toy from Tesco for Zoei with the Jungle clothing etc but as soon as he arrived in Cebu he quickly became Kuya kim a local wildlife tv host problem is they do look alike so couldn’t win on that one.

The main reason this topic came up is not down to advertising.. it was I noticed that people put showtime on every day which can only be described as a low budget version of X factor offering nothing to children’s entertainment as well as repeatative and also I really don’t want the kids watching any TV adverts that for me seem to be misleading in most cases. So if your abroad thinking of moving here would look to top up the DVD collection with stuff that isn’t all Kung Fu and poorly dubbed with stuff that is actually going to help your children develop. The odd thing is I think the older stuff which many of us grew up on although dated are better put together and can offer more to children.. where is my old video tape collection when you need it.