Imelda Marcos Shoes saved after recent Storm Ketsana – Philippines

MANILA–When a typhoon hit the Philippines last month, most people rushed to save their homes and lives. Employees of one museum, however, grabbed the shoes.

The Marikina Shoe Museum in Marikina, capital of the Philippine shoe industry, houses more than 800 pairs of shoes donated by former first lady Imelda Marcos. Many were threatened by knee-deep water levels inside the museum after the storms.

But curator Dolly Borlongan said staff quickly moved the collection to the top shelves of display cabinets, and only around 100 got wet. Those were cleaned and are drying.

Marikina, east of Manila, was one of the hardest hit areas. Tropical Storm Ketsana killed nearly 300 people in and around the capital and left thousands homeless.

The widow of dictator Ferdinand Marcos will forever be remembered for the 1,220 pairs of shoes she left behind in the presidential palace after a popular revolt toppled her husband in 1986.