Im not Filipino size!!

Now im not a huge guy but i struggle to get jeans (im a 36″ Waist) most Filipinos are a lot smaller.  I think Aprils waist would be a western size 8. So what you do when you cant get the right sized clothing in the Philippines?? Well for a start there are some things available but ive found lately that Bench Jeans and T shirts have been shrinking in the wash. So opt for Penshoppe and Hammerhead. But what if your bigger than me since im considered XL?

Im lucky enough to have a great mother inlaw who is a seamstress. If you want custom made clothing or clothing altered then shes the woman for you. Very good quality and shes done it most of her life. Ive had Pjs made in silk which are very high quality and cost me less custom made than i would have paid in the store for something that didnt fit. The same goes for Aprils clothing if she sees a design she likes in magazines Aprils mother can make it.

So what good is that to you?? Well simply if you need something made get in touch! I can get it made for you. High quality at good prices. We are based in Minglanilla,Cebu. But we can also mail locally or internationally.

Examples :-