iloilo Joins the Family..


As most of you know if you follow the blog we are based in Cebu and so our information is mainly on Cebu to try and keep things upto date and accurate. I have recently been discussing information with another expat who lives on iloilo which is to the West of Cebu and Paul has kindly decided to start developing a blog similar to what we do on infact the new site is part of the TP family at and I look forward to hearing information from Paul who has been there for years.


Im glad to see the maps and information starting to come together to allow people to get a “real picture” of the Philippines and due to the thousands of Islands the more information posted the more people will know where they want to settle down or visit on holiday ( Vacation ).

We also have Alan who is doing a blog ( Also on TPs server ) at which is for CDO on Mindanao. So if anyone would like to fill the gaps in on the other islands and also Manila ( we need someone in the capital ) Please get in touch..