If the Philippines is so wrong what makes it right??

A lot of people who wouldn’t normally look at the Philippines as a holiday destination seem to be more and more lifting up roots and moving and either retiring or setting up home here in the Philippines but why??

Firstly for the majority the internet has opened a gateway to new relationships not only for males who have come from various backgrounds gone has the day of mail order brides where the guy maybe someone who used to live with his mother or divorced but to a now a mixed generation of bachelors who may not even have been looking for a partner in life only to find that the person they have fallen in love with is more than they ever expected in completing them as a person. When you find this person in your life you realise what you’re missing and this is where a lot of people have just up rooted and left their home countries to a new place they are happy and proud to call home. The retirees and the divorced are still here and generally most come from an ex naval background with fond memories of times they spent here and with kids already grown and a divorce settled where better to go where the beer and living is cheap. Where every street corner is filled with smiles and happiness even in poverty shines through. Welcome to the Philippines!

The other reasons many are uprooting is costs of living. I’m personally from the UK where getting a one bedroomed house in the CityIi reside would set me back £100,000 but a 4 bedroom house in the Philippines can be purchased for less than £30,000 with staff quarters.  Heating bills dont exist but aircon does depending where you live.  As you head outwards of the cities and upwards of the lands you start reaching the cooler parts of the islands that are bearable without aircon with the advantages of beaches not too far from a quick ride to the coast. Public transport is even with the price hikes 8pence for the first 4km which pretty much gets you to your nearest town. Hiring staff to work for you is very cheap and having a live in yaya (nanny) would set you back less than £20 a month plus food.  A driver and gardener are similar salaries. Infact you have to be pretty much up the ladder to get anywhere above £200 a month.

I met my wife back at the start of last year in March and have spent a lot of time talking before eventually meeting and marrying. The times I visited Cebu, Philippines have always left me with a warm feeling inside and arriving back in Heathrow for work in the UK always makes me feel that I’ve left part of me in Cebu the same feeling has been felt by most of the people i know here. The Philippines gets into your blood and under your skin to make it part of where you want to be even with its difficulties and hardships it is and always will be my home.