If life is so bad in the Philippines why am I still here?

Its a very good question why am I still here? The last few posts have been very negative on things here but you have to remember a lot of what is written is about things that are isolated incidents “per person!” we all have some bad happen in our times here but the majority of things are fine. My biggest gripe would be that some people are just inflexible and only see things from one point of view. At the same time I don’t have to see those people so does it really matter? To be honest not at all as you become to understand with time that your not supposed to be everybody’s best friend or able to get on with everyone because life would be boring if it was that way…

In the last few months there have been disputes yet again in the Expat community as well which with that I would ask how often do you meet these people infact have you met them at all?? The truth of the matter forums are filled with a mix of good information, bad and complete drivel. Everything has to be taken with a pinch of salt as often advice is written by people who have never experienced anything. Doesn’t mean its all bad just means you have to filter out who is full of it and who is actually telling the truth. Also there is a lot of Sexpats which interblend with the mainstream of people who often don’t see what they are doing as wrong as they will find a way to justify it in some form such as comparing a paid prostitute to a mother opening her legs back in the U.S. to bare children so that the guy is tied to child repayments for the next 18 years. Which I won’t comment on as simply its nothing I get involved in and is not the aim of this topic. The fact of the matter we are all different people here Filipino or Expat trying to get on with life in the Philippines there are enough routine problems that occur with families, government and community that wouldn’t it be better that people stopped arguing over trivial matters and tried to work together? Isn’t it more important that you don’t fall through loop holes by being caught out with corruption at immigration or overpaying on buying a house than the fact that you don’t get on with someone who may have the information you need? The Philippines communities here are more interconnected than you may think its difficult to avoid people when living on an island isn’t it about time people started to just cut through the crap and agree to disagree with things? about time people started working together instead of against each other..

I’m not talking about me by the way I have no issues with anyone at all. Even with the events that are family related that is passed and we don’t mix with the people involved so its no longer an issue at all with us. Expat wise some people have thought I had a dispute with them in the past but a lot of that comes down to not liking my direct way of writing not only here but on forums etc. I say it as it is and take no prisoners because I know how bad things can go when the information people give out is wrong or distorted. Would be nice if people only wrote about things they did know or even better admit they only know a small bit and offer that snippet rather than a full version of “what they think” written in the context of “what they know”. I have surpassed a lot of people already by lasting up to now in the Philippines many have returned back to home countries ripped off, broke and disillusioned to life in the Philippines leaving a bitter taste in the mouth. But the problem is they are the the people who need to write more on what drove things that way to stop others doing the same. Often they have had a bad relationship but no doubt some haven’t been great either. What needs to happen though is the real information gets put out there to help and protect those that remain and newcomers.