Ideal Expat T-Shirt in the Philippines – Guitar Brand T-Shirts In The Philippines

Guitar brand T-Shirt - Philippines

Im a bit of a fan of the Guitar T shirts here as although they are primarily bought for special occasions here they do actually fit into daily use for expats in the Philippines pretty well. I am not 100% sure if Filipino’s mainly wear them as an undershirt but bearing in mind most men I come across in an “official capacity” do seem to be overweight here which does mean the larger sizes foreigners need are readily available, as well as the fact the cut is rather straight than cut in which you find with most things like Bench or other local brands as well as something more important they don’t shrink! I had to give away most of my branded shirts here due to the fact they all shrunk in the wash doesn’t seem to matter which brand it was they all shrank. The Guitar shirts though I am still wearing after 2 years and if anything they are just worn in rather than worn out. Also the shirts vary on the size you buy must be priced on material usage which is something I haven’t seen before but I find I wear between 50 – 56 depending how hot the weather is as the 56 makes me look like I am homeless but at the same time the thin material and loose fit let air circulate. Its a 50 I am wearing in the photo which does look like my stomach is sticking out but its actually me leaning to get in the camera (head was cropped). So the photo doesn’t do me or the shirt justice but just wanted to share a bit of advice on buying shirts as its one of the reasons I don’t bother with the malls. I can’t find clothes I either like or if I do like they are either an Asian cut which normally means its pulled in at the sides in a slight bow, or a brand I already know shrinks after a few washes. My father in-law doesn’t complain mind as most of his shirts are now trendy latest brands that shrunk I gave him. Happy to swap P1,000 T-Shirts for P125 ones any day as I just want functional clothing until I head back to the UK and send some new ones.