I love my wife

When I arrived in the Philippines many hoped I would fail. I met my wife and many would look to draw daggers to our necks.. I have drawn three years here that has seen us develop. Its easy to be unhappy with me but is it so easy to congratulate us ? I came  I saw I conquered would be a roman expression where for me I came I saw and helped change and develop. Its easy to pick me as an enemy but I often wonder how many people really look at me and how much I help and bring to the table “I am the Foreigner” but at the same time I am a friend a confident someone who will fight and defend beside you. The fault is that many see me as a “foreigner” instead of my true worth and that is why so much leads to a demise.. I do not lift myself to a higher will or plain but purely that people should understand that I have no other motive than to be your friend. If you think you can manipulate me or my wife to your own ways do not complain if it bites you on the arse.. I love and defend my wife to my dying breath and will always protect her. Do not see this as a sign of weakness because if I find that you try to manipulate or stimulate this angle I will come down on you with a wrath you would never have even thought of. April has always been true to me and the past is something are quick to bring. I know the past and I write the future your choice is simply enemy or friend….