I know more than you


This is aimed at bloggers out there as well as other people working on projects as its something that comes up very often where people will tell you they know better or that you should do it another way without actually giving you any useful information.

Me personally I get the odd irritance but I plod through with it while I do know others have completely given up because of the negativity. The point is people quoting things from outside the country is generally irrelevant as they don’t understand, know or even aware of the problems that people face in such an insular country. So simply just ignore them! Generally they have too much time on their hands which is why when one comes across you they latch onto your site/blog for every single post with a constant “that’s wrong, it won’t work, etc.”

Be aware of there are many sane people out there who understand what your up to and doing and its your blog/site which means do what you want! If people don’t like it they can always read another article or go to another site. Main thing is to enjoy what your doing and continue to share your experiences and knowledge.