I hate Matt

One of the things that bugs a lot of people here is the 10ft tall syndrome people get when they are online. The I can hide behind a “pseudo online” and say and do anything especially if I don’t agree with what others think. Rather than dealing with things in a civil manner they try to be as abusive as possible to try and get a small rise out of someone. Yesterday while I was out someone has had nothing better to do than write about 20 comments which are all pretty much useless garbage but at the end of the day do these people really know the damage they do? Doesn’t affect me as you can see I am just putting a structured reply. But it stops a lot of other people posting or writing about experiences because they neither want the hassles or want their topics dissected in an abusive manner. What seems to have riled this person up was the fact they don’t want to admit there is a caste system here which is fine but why attack me over it? I’m not elitist and I didn’t write the article as if I was putting it in that direction of conversation. At the same time did you ever ask would you take a prostitute home to meet your family? If you wouldn’t your already contradicting your own issues.

You live in Minglanilla, for how long what have you done in that time? What have you done to benefit others or has it all been about personal gain? You may find my articles boring but hundreds of others don’t and its an insight into life here from “my life” not some pieces of paper stuck in a book from out of date statistics. The whole point is that you won’t agree with everything I write and I don’t expect you to. Sometimes I write articles just to see if some people  are listening. The important factor here is sharing accurate information. Trying to look for a rise because of something I wrote doesn’t change anything and to be honest if you had actually structured something worth discussing I would have posted all your replies. But personal attacks are we in a playground or all adults here? You sound like your on the bar circuit and as I have stated before its none of my business what you get upto is your business. Just be aware of the fact it doesn’t always fit into your friends circles. Not elitist or anything else its down to the fact socially its unacceptable with some people where others it is. Generally I don’t care what people do but at the same time the backbiting that goes on when you put a working girl amongst women of a different status is unfair on the girl.

What I get upto in Minglanilla is another topic that was quick to be attacked. Well surprising enough I haven’t been too busy the last couple of months but its been down to several positive reasons. I am in the process of developing a community site for Minglanilla I am hoping will help not only improve marketing and networking of social groups, sports and festivals but also a community hub for ideas. Generally you find out things here the same day its going on because most things don’t get advertised. Fair enough if you live here a long time as its the same times every year for most things but what about if your new? what about if you just want to know where you can play basketball or badminton? the site will be covering those factors and a lot more. I am also transferring from Jeepy to motorcycle so I can travel further in a day as well as get into more places how does that fit into the view that I don’t get upto anything? At the end of the day you need to know where things are to firstly go to them and then be able to get there in a convenient and cost affective manner. At the same time I am looking for more people to write articles and add information instead of being counter productive why don’t you actually get involved in doing something positive?

One last thing regarding the bar girl thing at which point did I say how I feel about that business and reputation of the guys and girls involved as you automatically assume my judgment yet I never write about my personal thoughts on that trade? So I will state what I have done before “its none of my business”. Not because I am for or against it but simply its a complex industry and I can understand the poverty aspects to why people do it. But at the same time I will not drag myself into something I could not resolve.