I can accept failure but I cannot accept not trying.


The words “I can’t” I hear too often in the Philippines and I think for most Filipinos they need inspiration of change and positive thinking. The giving up of studies and taking the OFW route is common yet I don’t think it needs to be as permanent as people think.

You see I originally started my life as an engineer and then a carpenter. I developed into surveying over time as a role I wanted to do. At the same time I struggled my first years after school as I paid my way through college. But while my friends were enjoying life with a pay packet from a local factory my pocket was empty. Yet today the reversal is true as I have travelled to many countries, I have a good skill set that finds me work every time I need it and I have had the life I wanted. But also one that provides for my family.

The point here is that things look bad today but you should aim to change your life not accept what people throw at you. Study your way out of poverty and find your own path. The road less travelled is always the one that has the greatest rewards at the end and I would have to say I would probably ditch college here in the Philippines (Did I just hear the sigh of shock horror ??). Fact is who outside of the Philippines accepts your qualifications that you worked so hard to get in the Philippines? Answer?? I don’t, in fact a doctor or nurse has to retrain, but also being a doctor or nurse is the typical path people throw at you as the only way out of the Philippines and poverty.

Yet! Programming, graphics design, animation and others are all key corner stone skills that can get people out of poverty and out of the country. But most of it doesn’t even need to be done in the Philippines colleges. In fact you will study better at home online and in books because your 100% focused on your task. Your not studying Rizal as part of your programming course, your not doing Physical Education as part of your graphics design your doing what you need to do LEARNING!

Most of my education is self taught, I am going back to the UK currently and looking to gain several key qualifications I do need. But I have already started learning with audio books and e-books as well as buying what little material I could find in the book shops of Cebu.

I accept that the education system and access to good reading material is failing students. But I cannot accept that students should stop trying in finding their own solutions. The internet is the gateway to the world these days something that older generations didn’t have. You have the tools to change things and educate yourself but it relies on you taking up the torch and leading the way yourself. Find others with a similar interest and work together, seek out a path that will get you where you need to get and eventually something will drop into place.