I came across this house today the “V house” in Mexico


Why is it relevant you may add.. but I noticed prices here on land and homes go through the roof and although mainly speculative its still a rip off in my books without an economy to back it long term. In Minglanilla property seems to be ranging from P1,500sqm to P15,000sqm yet not long ago I remember buying our lot in the mountains for around P750sqm yet recently visiting other lots as I want space to build container homes I came across lots going down as far as P35sqm. Why so cheap? one reason alone they were mainly on the side of a mountain ideal for goats and rock climbers but a nightmare for building a home especially without road access for heavy lifting. But then today with this idea its a simple concept and its design I can see most of the materials being man handled. The funny thing is I know a lot for sale which is literally a walk down a mountain off a road then up the mountain to get onto it. This type of home would be perfect and running a rope bridge between the two mountain areas. Sounds a bit far fetched but seen many things in the last few years that would seem outside the norm.


V house construction