Hydroponics,Electronics and herbs! Busy day ahead

For months we have been trying to locate certain things to buy. A lot of the feedback we received when they realised it was a foreigner or the fact we were buying was basically “stupid money”. Instant inflated prices at the same time we just put it all on the backburner and got on with something else. This is why you will often hear me say about something and nothing happens, well that is the Philippines in the same way a mechanic will fix your car but when you go there to collect it will still say “wait a while”. What they mean is they are trying to locate parts for it and often this could be a week and wait a while may mean you will find out they are stuck for parts or you may be told to come back tomorrow which is still unlikely to see it fixed as even then they may not have the parts. It is something that frustrates me as I am used to “direct answers” as an engineer as saying something is broke doesn’t help me fix it, you need to know how it got broke and what it was doing before it happened.

But anyway in a while here has taken literally months to locate the things we needed. The Peso-peso machines for the internet cafe will be bought today and also means I can work out the electronics of constructing one (as I have the electronics but there is a double trigger for P1 and P5 if combining boards but no instructions for any of it). So this is one puzzle about to be sorted as well as the next big one!

Organic herbs and plants, a mix of hydroponics and many plants we have been struggling to source have all been found in one location. Odd thing is the Peso-peso machines are also in the same neighbourhood so two solutions in one.

Update to come later including photos.