How Well Can I Live On 3000 Dollars In The Philippines?

With the U.S. economy like most of the West as stable as a ship in a storm there seems to be an influx of people looking to move to the Philippines which has no doubt steadily increased with others inviting friends and family. Although recession is biting more people are looking to escape the hardships and gloom of economic depression especially if there is an early retirement option on the table.

So how well can you live on 3000 dollars in the Philippines? If your a single male your going to find it very easy going although very different no doubt to the life your used. Lets face it most people here are not here for the weather or retirement condo they are here for finding a partner to settle down with and one of the big differences in the Philippines is most women in the West may not give you a second look but here in the Philippines women are generally practical especially when it comes to stability financially and a guy with a regular income and can take care of himself is often better than their previous options.

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Some may think its sexist but its a development of society here and in the West that sees Filipino women are often the under dog in a male dominated society while in the West we are seeing the opposite happening due to the changes in laws and social acceptance. Which may seem most guys coming here may be sexist but in reality its a mixed bag a lot of guys just want an easy home life similar to the way things were before and with nations of single parenting and out of control kids who’s to say their thoughts are wrong?

In reality most women will want marriage at the same time I find many people are unhappy within 6 – 12 months of their marriage for some reason or another and often its because they found a better match than their current partner. My advice on anyone moving here full-time is nobody says you have to get married and generally its better to take your time especially when relationships come along as I find there is an excessive driving force here to get that ring on your finger (not my marriage btw!). Its driven from insecurities and the fact there are women literally everywhere looking to be your girlfriend and hopefully your wife.

Getting relationships out the way what about everything else for the cost of living for $3000 in the Philippines? In reality your looking at a house in a sub-division with guards, advise using taxi’s instead of owning a car as its lets hassle due to maintenance problems here as well as the fact its more convenient as you can just hop in and out when needed. Taxi’s are very cheap for localised travel and if near the city readily available, other options are hiring vehicles and drivers as you need them which is also very cheap in comparison to other countries as the average salary here is less than P500 a day for a skilled worker.

Land ownership is a problem due to foreigners being unable to own land but personally I like rentals as it allows freeing up of capital but also any problems you can just move house. Rents are cheap and generally advise not paying the asking price as its a tenants market not landlord as its a country with too many of its hard working abroad with cash and too many people at home without the cash to pay the rents. How much is a house is the big problem as an upmarket sub-division can literally be P30,000 a week on a rental but in the same location long term someone may do you P30,000 a month for a 4 bedroom house. Down here in Minglanilla P10,000 can get you a 3 bedroom house outside a sub division with private parking. At the same time further south and more provincial you could start to see 2 hectare farms for less than P100,000 a year nothing special and needing a lot of upgrading at the same time all depends what you want in life.

The only real spanner in the works for life in the Philippines is the medical costs and I would get this assessed before coming in advance using a reputable company.


2 comments for “How Well Can I Live On 3000 Dollars In The Philippines?

  1. Edna Fox
    October 30, 2011 at 5:14 am

    Philippines not that cheap any longer like 3 years ago. Maybe rentals are that is it.

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      October 30, 2011 at 5:19 am

      Hi Edna,
      Its not only the prices have gone up the value of the peso maintained while other currencies reduced heavily. For sterling its around 30% currently compared to what I was getting on exchange rates in 2007. At the same time though things are relatively cheap here in comparison to the UK and many parts of the U.S. Food can be an issue for a foreigner due to the system being rather old compared to other parts of the world e.g. havent seen a microwave meal anywhere and to be honest don’t know anyone who owns a microwave. At the same time making our own burgers,sausages and cured ham you start to appreciate that good food is available and a lot cheaper when doing it yourself.

      Rentals are still cheap depending on location I find often people pay “foreigner tax” as they aren’t prepared to haggle as well as the price being increased because a white face appeared. My rent at our last house was P3,500 a month and we are within 20 minutes of Cebu city others are paying upto P15,000 for similar sized properties.