How to ride a Jeepney in the Philippines

A close friend of ours Agnes had posted this video on her Facebook and although its done in a comical way its actually quite a useful video as most of the processes you will come across aswell as see in every day use when using a Jeepney so decided to post it. But also there are a few other things to be aware of the larger Jeepney’s you won’t see as much as you do the smaller multicab type

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There are a few problems with the multicabs which are also still called Jeepney’s locally as well in the fact foreigners are generally at least half a foot taller and as you can see most Filipinos in the picture are already ducking their heads inside. Result being if its busy you struggle to see outside to shout for your stop. As well as the hand rail down the middle of the vehicle is conveniently placed to bump your head if you lean forward. What I advise if on the smaller ones always try to sit right at the back as you can swing slightly towards the open door giving you more room and you can get an idea of where you are on the route. Not always easy as people all like to sit at the back because its easy to get on and off the Jeepney. Fun to ride and good for taking photos from if you can get enough space to move best times are off peak hours as they are pretty empty. Another important thing to remember is if your going out for the day or need to move a few people at once you can “HIRE” a Jeepney from its route just talk to the driver works out cheaper than hiring a V-Hire or minibus and a lot easier to organise but make sure you agree the price first and remember the fuel is normally extra.