How To Meet A Foreigner In The Philippines

Its an odd thing but surprising how many young women will approach me and ask if I will introduce them to other guys. Although to be honest most guys I have met aren’t “marriage material” and often make this a point when talking. Strange though how easily these conversations open up with random strangers and can be the shop assistant while buying clothes or a female fuel pump attendant filling my fuel tank. But all in all the thing is anywhere in the West these girls wouldn’t even be looking for a guy they would be struggling to stop being hit on. The Philippines is over blessed with many attractive women but it reminds me of a comedy movie years ago where a beautiful woman was attracted to a much older guy and he said “but why are you attracted to me your beautiful?” her response was “yes but I was an ugly child”. Meaning her mentality was different on the inside because of her upbringing.

Back on topic though the conversation turns back on them as I ask what type of foreigner, what do you want in the relationship? Yet nearly always the answer is someone like you. They know very little about me except maybe I have a driving license and roughly my age which is normally 10 years younger than I am (being polite maybe? lol). Anyway the issues are obvious that escapism is often through marriage for many and sad to say I can’t see things improving anytime soon to stop the exodus of women if given the opportunity.

But meeting a “good foreigner” isn’t as easy as meeting a foreigner that’s for sure as the more people I have met the more complex I have realised many people are and that often there is a lot lurking beneath the surface. Not always bad but often just complicates life an example of this is the guys who marry as soon as they arrive then decide they love somebody else a few months later. Marriage should never be a short-term commitment and I was never interested in marriage before I met my wife. I had lasted my life up until that time without marriage why can’t most guys wait even a few months before making such a commitment that could go badly wrong?

How to meet a foreigner though is more difficult than it seems though even though this is what all these girls seem to be looking for a discussion with a girl recently in a shopping mall while I was buying toys for the kids she handed over her email asking if I can help her find a husband. Asking her age she said 18 and that she is open minded on age meaning she would pretty much marry someone with a pulse which led me to asking more questions. A lot of this comes down to in reality meeting an old guy when he finally croaks it they will start a second life as they will still be young enough to enjoy it. Part of why Filipino women are so practical is they see a solution in such problems that many of us may choose to not accept if it was us at the same time most of us never come from an impoverished background that could sway someone’s thoughts this way.

Meeting “any” foreigner in regards good or bad as often at the malls as its first stop on a new arrivals trip. Problem with that though is its also the way prostitutes in many cases arrange to meet guys as well as a freelancer. One of the reasons I avoid malls as all this stuff becomes very common knowledge in a short period of time where prostitutes meet up with foreigners etc. etc. At the same time foreigners arriving from abroad may also be here meeting up with friends and the first thing is either go to the hotel to sleep or into the malls for dinner with their friends.

Other expats and people you already know associated with expats are also a route and one that may actually be able to filter out a lot of the people purely because whoever you deal with hopefully will look out for your interests as well.

Online dating sites from what I hear from most girls and the experiences in the internet cafe seem to be a randy old men from this side with no intention of coming here but trying to talk girls into exposing themselves on webcam and from the Western side a lot of scamming for financial benefit going on. All in all nothing is 100% online doesn’t mean its impossible just means the odds are a lot slimmer.