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Red Chili Power

Born and raised in San Luis Obispo County, I know all the tricks concerning every creepy crawly critter. Ants HATE Red Chili Powder. Make a paste (water works) and find where the little black eyed foes are coming in and going out, apply the paste and you will NOT see them entering there again. Helpful also, is to sprinkle the powder under sinks or sometimes in worst cases around windows. Good luck, –B. brook

Red Pepper Flakes

Believe it or not, ants hate red pepper flakes. My mom always put red pepper flakes out in cupboards where dry perishables were to keep the little critters out. This works in windows too. Since they are edible too, no smell, no pesticides and it is Mother Nature approved. – Becky

Table Salt

I too had a problem with ants last spring. We spent LOTS of money on the sprays and traps and strips and none of it worked. Finally, one day, my mother-in-law made a suggestion and after trying virtually everything, we figured, what the heck, it can’t hurt. Believe it or not, within a week, the problem was practically non- existent. Simply sprinkle a little bit of SALT wherever they are spotted. Plain old regular table salt. If you can find the place they’re getting in, put salt there as well. Apparently, the ants like the taste of it and will take it "home" for the family. When they eat it, it makes them extremely thirsty. As gross as it sounds, they will drink water until they "explode". I don’t know if the "explode" part is true, but I do know that I sprinkled salt on the edges of my kitchen counter, along the wall, and around the back edges of the counters of the shelves in my pantry, where they were seen most often, and the problem is gone and has not come back. Hope this helps. –Stacie. Raleigh, NC

Eucalyptus leaves & Whole Cloves

I got rid of ants in my infant son’s room by scattering a combination of eucalyptus leaves and whole cloves (available in the spice section of the supermarket) on the windowsills and the floor near the windows. I haven’t seen ants since. The eucalyptus leaves are available in the flower shop. Good luck.

Borax & Powered Sugar

I use a mixture of small equal amounts of borax and powdered sugar. The sugar draws the ants. They eat this mixture then take it back to their nests and die. Supposedly ants are carnivores and when they die the live ones eat the dead ones and then they die. I have used this mixture for years.

Least-Toxic Control of Indoor & Outdoor Ants

Beyond Pesticides

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Ants can be divided into three groups for the purpose of pest control: indoor, outdoor, and wood destroying.


Pharaoh ants, small and reddish-brown in color, are the most common ant species to nest indoors. Conventional pesticides, in addition to their potential human health risks, have been shown to cause pharaoh ant colonies to disperse and split up into multiple colonies, making them even more difficult to control.

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