How to find and marry a Filipina

The number of hits I receive will show roughly what I’m expecting so many people assume that a “Filipina” is a specific model for marriage. The truth to the answer is first understanding that there is no such thing as a “Filipina” outside of the fact that it means a woman who comes from the Philippines. You question should be are there common traits that affect the majority of women who are seeking a husband in the Philippines or actually the process of marriage. If your looking for the process of marriage do a separate search within the site for marriage as there is a step by step guide on what you need to do for all the legal issues. For everyone else we are talking traits, but a lot if it isn’t as obvious as it first seems. What you should be looking at is why you are here.. why are you looking for a new life.. did you meet someone on life that seems different from what your used to?

If these are the questions your asking then you are already beginning to understand what makes so many men leave for a life in the Philippines. There is a complete contrast between the majority of Western women and the majority of women in the Philippines. The first thing is most women I have met in the Philippines seek love and security, a family life and to take care of her husband and family. Western women are more and more wanting domination given an excuse of “equality”.

The in-balance has started to create the ripples that will only get worse. The thirty something’s are still seeking a husband and finding most guys no longer want to settle down due to being burned by an ex previously or enjoying independence. Either way its beginning to create a void guys are seeking loyalty, love and happiness in one. Not a woman that one day wakes up and decides she has found someone else but wants to keep everything you spent years building together. You add that to the characteristics of Filipinos who are generally fun loving and easy going I understand and definitely part of a new generation that has simply found someone they never expected existed half way round the world. Someone you can simply say this is the one.. this is the person who completes me. I hear it more and more from people who make the move. A vacation starts for 2 weeks then a soul mate is found and that’s it the guy knows where he wants to be..

So a quick guide to the Philippines and finding love..

1. Fly.. to the islands don’t think about it just do it. If you need a friend on the ground just email me.

2. Make friends don’t find a wife.. So many people go for the wrong reasons love and companionship are found best when not looking.

3. Patience is a virtue.. Don’t rush things you may only be in the Philippines for two weeks this time or even a week but if you find the right person they will wait for you to come back.

4. Not all that glitters is gold.. There are many scammers out there as well as internal family problems and disputes simply just take things a step at a time.

5. Be honest.. Honesty is always the best solution.. Your partner needs to understand where you want the relationship to go. But also listen.. your partner has ideas, thoughts, beliefs and a lot are distorted by media so listening and discussing is very important to create the foundations of real love.

6. Finding love is not an instant affair.. ok this is a bit unfair as I know a few people that did.. but realistically. Searching for someone or finding someone with the same interests creates a marriage that will stand time.

Just take your time.. but get on the islands not online.. there are a lot of sharks out there looking for someone to take a feed of cash from.. you really need to get your feet on the ground! It wont take long to find happiness that’s for sure..