How To Boost Philippines Tourism

philippines tourismI was reading this week on the stepping down of the DOT (Department Of Tourism) leader due to things not performing in the Philippines when it comes to bringing in new tourists.

To be fair I think most people in charge of these decisions neither have a clue about international business or tourism and its why I won’t attack them personally. Many things in the Philippines are excused with “its my country if you don’t like it leave”. But tourism doesn’t fit into that category as simply the Philippines is now waking up to the fact it needs its tourism to boost the economy so how do you do it?

First thing is PAL and Cebu Pacific are internal companies that can’t deliver. PAL is blacklisted (or was the last time I checked in Europe) and Cebu Pacific doesn’t have a network big enough to service the tourism industry.

In reality the stepping down of the chief of DOT after giving rights to international couriers was wrong at the same time its because it wasn’t pushed far enough. The Philippines gets around 70,000 UK tourists compared to 1 million going to Thailand annually and they don’t spend a few pesos as most of my own vacations cost around P140,000+ for 2 weeks.

So how do you bring them in? how do you get people to come to the Philippines? you take on a courier that can deliver the tourists and wants to be no.1 worldwide! you bring in Qatar Airways you offer any fliers from Qatar airways free accommodation at the same time Qatar Airways has to deliver the tourist numbers.

How do hotels benefit? for a start likely to be full most of the time even if rooms are free! but more importantly things like drinks,food and day trips where the real money is are also full. If you take island hopping for example on Mactan,Cebu. Costs me around P350 a day or sometimes less but a hotel books the same trip and charges P6,000 doesn’t take much to see the hotel is on a win/win situation as every excursion that someone takes is profitable and even those wanting to stay on the resort are spending on the resort.

Everyone wins on this and I can’t understand why the  DOT isn’t doing more to create something similar. Give Qatar Airways free access in exchange for free hotels and promotion such as TV advertisements worldwide I can see the Philippines being the hotspot of the year.