How things are

Matt and April Wilkie

Things are moving along back in Cebu at a reasonable rate although wish i was there to help push the work through. Although i know things are going well and everyone is doing a great job.
The issues with the “rent” on the house is just accepted, nothing we can do about it but we learned a lesson in trust and just book it to experience.

The Piggery is near completion and hopefully start looking for our first batch soon. Although the incomes wont be high its a step in the right direction and thats what is important.
Zoey is growing well and April is done a great job of being a mother couldnt ask for a better wife.
Only complications right now are with work that seems to be fluctuating as disputes over contracts have started. Im just hoping the arguing goes on long enough to get the contract finished and move onto the next. But just fingers crossed right now and im near completion of one of the major sites with e afew smaller ones next on the list. Enough work for about 4 – 6 weeks if no more disputes then onto other things..

We cant grumble. I had set a budget of around P80,000 a month to get projects moving and the work although slow pushed that well above our initial expected investment. Which has meant buying the lot and building the piggery has been done in a short period of time and are coming near completion. The budget for the initial stages of the house is nearly available and its taken 3 months. The total investment is a private matter but something that was expected to take around a year to fund has been completed in 3 months. We are hoping to buy more land as in the future would be good to rent apartments out to create a regular income. The farm idea a lot of people are saying there isnt any money in it. But look around, what is on the increase the most everywhere you look? Food.. Producing your own can stabilise your incomes. Because it makes it more inflation proof and stable against world markets. Ok we are unlikely to be growing rice. But goats, pigs,chickens and ducks its possible. But will be mainly for use of our own stocks. Hopefully in the future we will have our own eatery as we both like cooking. I think we are a few years off being totally self sufficent in RP. But a few months away each year to top the funds up isnt a serious issue right now and also means we can invest $$ instead of getting expensive loans.
What i find amazing is how April is handling things back home. Although im not there she isnt complaining or making demands that a woman in the West would likely be doing right now. More content with getting on with things and taking care of Zoey. There is enough stress with work right now so a good stable family life keeps things on an even keal and seeing April and Zoey each day lets me know what im missing and makes me itchy to get home sooner. Will see what time brings but everything is looking good and cant wait to get home in August.

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