How Much Is Too Much?

Not talking about alcohol today but the reality of life in the Philippines and how much information do you share with other people. I was thinking about this earlier today as although some people understand the ability to be sustainable here and can see how a lot of the things I put forward work others just don’t understand it.

Why? First thing is being a third world country that making an income is “assumed” to be difficult or impossible leaving people to scrape by if doing a single business venture. Lets face it most locals do they have a sari-sari, an internet cafe or some other minor business that makes enough to live on. But that’s where it can end for Foreign nationals with a bit of thought, in reality we don’t want one small business but layers of businesses. For example a sari-sari store is not just a store where you buy your daily groceries but a telephone and internet load station, small internet cafe and even offers runner services (people who will go and do things like processing documents on your behalf). Doing these extras makes the difference between getting by and making a living.

Bit like an internet cafe that offers a snack bar, copy centre, homework writing, CD and DVD’s as well as many other things which aren’t often offered by local vendors.

But the issue is how much is too much to share with others? Expansion of business in the Philippines is often based on unique ideas and it will have a copycat almost instantly so how many things do I share on the blog?

Here is one you take a peso-peso machine built on 1” plywood to give it weight where I design a 1/2” plywood peso-peso machine with a bolt down frame how long does it take to copy it? (I just told you here so how many people think I can do this!). In reality even 3/4 plywood is nearly double the price of 1/2” and its this sort of stuff I love for making life interesting here.

Why? If anyone understands me its based on not sitting at a desk its about following the money and unique opportunities and generally its how my life has been. I have worked many trades and also qualified in them but also I pick and choose things I like doing I have never worked based on having to pay bills I have always done what I like doing. Which to be honest how many people would love to be able to do? It was when I met a guy who was from former Rhodesia now Zimbabwe that I realised I was right in this way of thinking. A lot of people clock on and off yet never go anywhere in life and by the time they have redundancy or retirement they are too old to enjoy it. The guy I met moved down to South Africa and lived in a hippy commune before living in India,Korea and the Philippines the life experiences had made him a lot of money at certain points in his life as well as he lost some but the point was he was doing what he wanted to do.

Today he’s in the U.S. visiting Native Indians in relation to faith healing which isn’t my idea of fun at the same time his life has been interesting and more varied than most. In the same way I like to do my own thing which may sometimes seem random and off the chart as some things may not seem so apparent. E.g. why not buy a new motorbike when my scooter breaks down a lot? reason being I have 2 scooters and a Jeep to sell before I buy a new vehicle. I have lived around clutter a lot of my life and I hate it, there is nothing to do with finance in this its purely the fact that I don’t like excess vehicles creating problems around the compound.

This is partly why I don’t bother with trolls as they would never understand fact over fiction as pretty much we do as want here. Desperate to go to the UK was something mentioned yet the joke being on that I have now put that off until April instead of November. How does that fit in with being broke, bankrupt or anything else??? No? well in reality as I have said before I am concerned about the UK economy today there has been some significant EU solutions but can only see them being short term. April is relative because UK government budgets are set in April which gives me the maximum opportunity for work contracts but also means I should hopefully be able to bring the kids across for June – July giving them a summer in the UK. We are financially stable in the Philippines if anything its growing because of a lot of things we get upto that I don’t discuss online. Are they illegal? absolutely not but the issue is the number of people involved as I have a lot of partners in different things. I don’t have the monopoly on things to share them. What I will say though is if your in the Philippines full-time people often bring you opportunities to get involved in, as although there are many people here who wouldn’t invest in anything there are also a lot of people shy of cash for ventures.

How much is too much? Well for me its down to risk as in the time I have been here I have been promised the earth in ventures and sat on my hands to find people lose a small fortune at the same time watch who recover and who made money either way. So the answer quite simply is I wouldn’t ask someone to invest in a lot of things at the same time prepared to gamble myself. Why? because people here often take things as gospel instead of thinking. Which in reality means anything I say they put 100% on the fact I would invest my money so its ok to invest theirs well I am not prepared to do that because I gamble spare capital. But more importantly I am neither a financial consultant or investment banker the investments I do are through choice. So in reality I won’t even consider asking others to do the same without research.