How much is a haircut in the Philippines

Its that time of the month where my hair is starting to get irritating you know when your out and about and can feel the sweat in it and around my neck. Its surprising how quickly hair and nails grow here not sure if its good living or climate. Either way off to my local barbers. There are a mix of Salons which are still very cheap and David’’s Salon is one of the biggest chains here. His daughter who has also gone into the hairdressing business is a school friend of someone I know and I have seen her recently doing some TV work on hair so they must be doing ok besides the size of the chain. Anyway I don’t go for the plush interior design and the mall locations. Not because I wouldn’t but simply my hair isn’t exactly something needing the “Salon” treatment I generally have a short back and sides and it suits the local climate well. But at the same time there are Salons all along the road there are at least 5 in Minglanilla near the town. I always go to the same one and have some interesting broken English and broken Bisaya conversations as we try to work out what my barber is saying and he’s doing exactly the same. Ricky Hatton always gets mentioned due to the Manny Pac-man fight even though I explain im Scottish not English but then things get complicated on how that fits into the UK. Today was a prime example of things going off on a tangent as my wife is close friends and school mates with the owner of the barber and store next door Joy. Which ends up with the barber interpreting things as I am joyous and the conversation went in a direction I completely lost where it went. Until about ten minutes later our local DJ and sound system hire guy who also works there as a barber put things back on track explaining my connection to “Joy” and then I started hearing my father in-law’s name mentioned which let me know the penny had dropped.

Anyway the cost of a haircut? for me currently P30.00 I always pay  P50.00 as they are always friendly and the salon want at least P70.00 in Gaisano. I think the small old traditional barber is a guy thing where we all went as kids with our father’s and something that is more comfortable surroundings even if nobody knows what each other is talking about. But even if all in English no doubt a lot of the barbershop conversations will still be very hit and miss. What you do get with the barber in the Philippines though is after they cut your hair and do up your sideburns with a razor blade. Is talc round the neck and a shoulder massage. Which is going that little bit further than most barbers would do in the UK for even an extra P1,000.


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  1. Ofoo45
    July 1, 2010 at 6:20 am

    I pay 100 pesos in a good salon in Manila.

  2. zooeee
    July 1, 2010 at 7:31 am