How much does a doctor cost in the Philippines?

I have recently started to look at medical costs as with small children its not really something you can avoid. But speaking with other expats its not just the fact that overpricing is used a lot for foreign nationals but misdiagnosis and tests for 101 things just for the sake of charging for it seem to be the norm. Top that with the “commission” that doctors are making off medication. It starts to make you wonder if your best doctor is in fact Google. A friend of mine was seriously ill and it took four different doctors until he got the correct diagnosis what if he had believed the first one? at worst it could have killed him. Another friends child was sick and was suffering a basic stomach bug but was taken to the doctor just “incase” it was more serious once they got there the child had improved but the doctor was still keen to run lots of tests with charges attached to them. What about something a bit more serious such as heart surgery? someone else I know went initially and was diagnosed with medication to be quickly upgraded to surgery after a more senior doctor had pulled his doctor to one side realising there is a lot more money to be had in the surgery than just giving out medication.

   I reported before about April and Zoei`s doctor who was proud of the fact she got free cruises from a vitamin manufacturer for meeting her “sales” targets just before ripping April off for P5,000 for vitamins not worth P500. There is no silver lining in these facts as I have yet to find one. Ok its cheaper than you would get in Western countries and its available quickly if you have the money. But my question would be what if you didn’t need it? or are doctors doing it just for profit?

Funny thing is even in the UK I have been misdiagnosed with a sprained ankle which was actually torn tendons. A friend of mines mother was a bit more severe she was diagnosed with indigestion and should sleep it off. When she was actually having a heart attack and died.

For me I will stick to my Google and finding our own remedies as it seems more reliable and definitely a lot cheaper. Its a sad state of affairs when your worried about your health being taken care of and if it will be really taken care of or exploited. Aprils finds me a bit odd with letting the body heal itself as I often do and my refusal to go to a hospital even with serious illnesses such as Dengue but a quick Google and you will find that Dengue “doesnt have a cure” so why would I want to sit in a hospital bed with a little counter wracking up a bill for people who cant help me? In reality though the “milk milk” plant which grows locally is a cure that worked for me. Why isnt it a cure you can buy on the market already? you asked the right question because it needs to be able to go into a form that can be sold such as tablet or injection form and they havent managed it yet.

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  1. Andrew
    January 25, 2010 at 9:13 am

    I agree with a lot of what you say. However, in the case of Dengue fever, I think it wrong to suggest that you should not visit a hospital (if advised by a doctor). I’ve had dengue also and one of the effects was that my platelet count was falling rapidly. Fortunately it didn’t fall too low, but if it did, I could have had a blood transfusion. You need to be continuously monitored to determine your platelet count. The only practical place to be if you reach this level, is in a hospital. If left un-monitored and your platelet count falls below a certain level, you are likely experience internal bleeding. About 5% of people die of Dengue, and virtually all of those happen because they chose to ignore the symptoms…to try and “tough it out”.

  2. Matt Wilkie
    January 25, 2010 at 11:05 am

    I agree that monitoring is important. But if I was in such a poor state of health I would probably try and fly back to the UK rather than use the local hospital. But thats a personal choice.