How much can people ignore on global change?

After yesterdays events with the earthquake and Tsunami throughout much of Asia I start to wonder how much has to happen before people start to look at changing the affects on the planet. I’m not a tree hugger type by the way but I am a believer in common sense. I know in the U.S. and U.K. for example the thoughts of the devastation of yesterdays events probably lasted as long as the video that shot the story. Why? because most people don’t seem to care or should I say don’t think it affects them. Odd thing is the winters seemed bad last year and lasted a lot longer than they should in the UK but then again what about the Icelandic volcano erupting maybe that would be a good excuse to say it caused the cold weather. But then again what caused that to erupt? This is the problem things are going on more frequent and a lot more violently at the moment they are being ignored because the death counts are significantly too low for people to sit up and take notice. Religious people can preach from the bible or even the Quran on the Swarm of locusts to get Egypt to listen or should I say the King and his people? I don’t believe in religion but I do believe in the fact people have turned away from common sense in a lot of cases these days.

You have corporations manipulating governments to make things seem “ok” then on a whim do something drastic as long as it supports their markets. Media is in the same bed as are most politicians as they sway with the public instead of looking for finding solutions or doing good journalism. Politicians want re-elected and the media cares more about Paris Hilton than it does about yesterdays Tsunami. Odd thing is who put who were? Politicians you hold the vote in your hand, media if its bad don’t buy it, cancel the satellite subscription and stop buying newspapers there is more going on in the world of radio than anywhere else these days but you will have to rummage around to find a good station. I’m not a New World Order believer either but I do believe companies don’t care about people once they become too large. A small company for example may keep a worker on even if the company is struggling financially because they don’t want to lose them in the hope business will pick up as they see people. Corporations on the other hand see employing people on part-time contracts with full-time hours so they can remove people when they like, not only because of reducing their hours but it may have changed now but previously in the UK part-time workers had less legal rights than full-time. You are literally just a worker and nothing more the same reasons why agencies blossomed in the UK. But this is going a bit off tangent the corporation stuff is probably more to do with the oil industry as things get manipulated to keep people in need of that black gold.

At the same time what about the banks? Did anyone learn anything from the bailouts? Big business = too big to be allowed to go bankrupt. Is that really true or more a case of companies and extremely rich influential people pulling politicians like puppets to get their own way with the only risk being to us mugs the tax payers.. Only thing I can say is what would happen if we did let the banks collapse? Lets be honest the UK like most of the western world is riddled with debt what difference would it have made to the country as a whole or the man on the street? A run on the money causing collapses of more banks? but what real affects would it have.. The reason I ask this is the fact credit has been too easy in the West and still is for many things and you here the governments basing their ability to reduce deficit (not debt!) by using growth. Just sounds like a junkie asking to borrow money yet they still owe you from last week. No economy should be balancing its books on growth and in fact most of the West currently aren’t,can’t or won’t balance the books as politicians fear losing the next election.

Which gets me back to why nothing is happening! currently the world is chattering about disasters and some of the predicted ones are huge yet nothing is being done about it. Maybe a few low energy bulbs have gone in here and there but then again I remember a laptop being expensive and hardly anyone had one, now I see everyone has one and many still have the home PC’s as well as 101 other gadgets they don’t need. That’s the odd thing because we are being told to be more efficient at the same time encouraged not to. If you take an old car it already exists, it has no extra damage it can do than it already is. But if you buy a new one how much has that manufacturing process cost? its engine is more efficient at the same time the other car already existed and in fact if your a low traffic user you probably aren’t doing any less damage to the environment on a “fuel economy” basis. Buying a new car has though yet the government wants to encourage more new car sales at the same time scrapping old. Many things in the UK confuse me when it comes to environmental stuff as a lot of things got blocked for the wrong reasons and its still on-going huge wind turbine farms are talked about, planned and a great idea.. only problem is nobody wants to live near them and many of the ideal locations for them are places of natural beauty. Well if the planet keeps acting up I wouldn’t worry about the natural beauty too long as it may end up too late to care.

Bit of a rant today I have to admit but its down to the way people aren’t even willing to do the small changes that matter. Governments can’t be trusted to do it, people are unwilling so the only thing to prepare for is a disaster that will kill tens of thousands if not more to get the message across. Or maybe tens of thousands aren’t enough unless its somewhere in Europe or the U.S? Because the disasters in China for example nobody seemed too bothered about as long as the iPad arrived for Christmas.