How Good Are The Roads In The Philippines?

car on mountain roadThe problems with the roads in the Philippines is they are often not consistent which can make them dangerous. For example you can be riding along a nice stretch of road newly finished pot hole free and a straight track. Suddenly going into the next province and town the road goes to something that resembles a town that’s been under shelling with pot holes everywhere with the issue being there was no warning and you have come flying down the road and the front tyre(s) drop into a pothole. The worst pot hole I hit was over the mountains to Moalboal where it was big enough for the 2 front tyres of the Jeep to disappear half way before a large bump and rising up the other side.

In the cities it can be worse if your in traffic especially if on a motorbike behind another vehicle which rides over a pot hole because its got the width between its tyres while you have to slam on the brakes as you disappear into it because you couldn’t see it.

I can say though the roads have improved in the time I have been here although around Cebu city they leave a lot to be desired still as many parts of the city are very rundown. Only advice is just take it steady and if its a new route take more time travelling it and generally wouldn’t advise travelling a new road at night as you never know what you will find.