How do you motivate a community to fix its road?

Rocky road

As you can see the rocks we tipped into the road have hit the mark putting a layer of compacted rocks right across the road. No more wet feet and a reduction in the chance of mosquito’s being able to breed. The problem is now who pays for the next 4 trucks?

compacted rock on roadIn reality most people say its a great idea and that’s as far as they take it. There are 3 main areas that need more rock fill and I don’t see why I should be the one footing the bill when I probably travel the road less than most as I don’t leave the house everyday. On top of that my 4 wheeled vehicles haven’t left the yard in 6 months so this is where I reach out to the Pinoy readers here and ask you come on how do you get people to take responsibility for their own neighbourhood and start to make it one to be proud of for its hygiene and road?

Because if this works this year setting a sewer down one side and then concrete starts to look a possibility for next year followed by starting to beautify the neighbourhood with hanging baskets and flower beds.

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  1. Anonymous
    February 21, 2011 at 5:41 am

    Talk to the barangay captain in your place about it. The Barangay captain is the smallest unit of the government. He is incharge of development planning, barangay legislation, basic services. If your wife know someone of the barangay officials let her do the talking – it would be better that way so when election comes you will not have to worry for the pay back lol and any way it is for the barangay.