How do Filipinos see Western women?

Something that doesn’t get discussed very often but the truth of the matter may surprise many. As surprisingly enough Filipino guys especially with “liberated” and outward women see them as not only sexy but something unique. People often forget unless your a visitor to Bikini bars most women are conservatively dressed and although there is mannerism as a male for women to approach you and offer cell-phone numbers etc. as well as the constant passing glances women generally are very conservative when its Filipino to Filipino relationships at least in the early stages. But you put a twenty something Western woman who generally shows more cleavage and more outward going then suddenly there is no shortage of guys wanting her number. You also have to remember light skin is a major thing here and having a western girlfriend with light white skin is a major thing socially and relationship wise. I think relationships with Western women would also be an interesting marriage as there would no doubt be more fire in the relationship but also could bring extra stability.

The Western women I have met here have had no shortage of guys taking an interest and have yet to here someone complain about the way they dress etc. often its the opposite as women look up to the fact that “they get away with it” which I suppose is true. As no doubt dressing in a similar manner for some local girls may result in some harsh words from relatives. Socially I think also it depends on the people involved. For example myself I generally try to assist in localised projects but not to take over. Reason being things seem to stop when they realise its a foreigner involved. But I know of other people that are into Halloween dress up and candies, Santa claus etc. etc. and promote it locally. Which although seem minor things its actually introducing different cultures into local society. Halloween locally is normally a time to celebrate and spend time with your lost ones not eating candy and dressing up. Christmas is also an event that goes without too many gifts but a lot of time of the celebrations at the local churches. So an introduction of more independence and Prada may be hand in hand with good and bad. Who knows.. time will tell. I do see spoiled brats every now and again blinged upto the eyeballs with fake designer clothing and it seems they have taken on the worst of the West. I hope that isn’t a growing trend!