How cheap is accommodation in the Philippines?

Bit of an odd question as I could ask you the same question and you would say depends how much you want to spend and that is pretty much it.IMG_0247This photo was taken at an Airsoft tournament where one of the guys had organised some cheap accommodation. It cost P40 a night in reality its “how much your willing to put up with” will determine the amount you pay. This place the plywood floors felt like you were going to fall through at anytime. In the photo you will see 2 of my team mates taking a view from the window. But what you can’t see is its just the opening! they opened the window and it fell onto the roof. The rooms only had locks on the outside, inside it was a nail and a piece of string. Ants wandered around in most locations the shower and toilets were in a block downstairs. But hey! the following night a few of us moved to a resort with pool and it cost over P1,000 per night and the rooms were dirty (Shower had fag butts in it not been cleaned at all). The Aircon had been altered to a level it was probably generating more heat by being on than it was cooling the thermostat had been disconnected. Fussy foreigner? Well I stopped in the room no problem we were lucky April Leigh came along for the weekend so the two Aprils (other one being my wife) cleaned the room up and it was fine. But a friend of mine ended up sleeping in his car with the kids as it had aircon and he isn’t a foreigner so nope not a fussy one here.. would have stopped in the P40 place if it wasn’t for the ants as I can’t stand constantly itching. We also had Steven Black with us who came up for some photography who preferred the P40 a night place as he got a better nights sleep. Thinking about it though if your going to go on the cheap especially if touring on bikes etc. I would opt for getting a hammock does away with most of the bug problems and guaranteed to be comfy.