how big are bugs in the Philippines?

When I say bugs can mean creatures as you come across lots of little critters from time to time. The worst I have found personally though are the cockroaches that can be several inches long. Nothing worse than being awoken by one crawling up your leg after someone left the drain cover off in the bathroom. That’s the thing most big ones can’t get in the house unless you let them in. There is a rubber strip on the door so can’t get in the front door, windows are mosquito netted and pretty much its all lock tight. Except when the drain is open when people clean out hair from the drain at which point they will clamber in at the slightest opportunity. Not a good move on their part as they will quickly be executed upon discovery.

But why is it you don’t see many of the big cockroaches outside? well this is the clue on how big bugs are in the Philippines as I discovered several times this month. The first was having a beer with Kento on his balcony as we sat chatting away a large spider came wondering down the handrail. When I say large its legs were probably about 2-3” long each. Chatting with Rob about bugs as well he mentioned the fact when his wife tried to hit one that had got into their bedroom before it simply jumped off the wall fired a web and re-stuck to the wall before disappearing at tremendous speed. Which like this one when it realised we noticed it suddenly it was in reverse and gone.

The next was finding that if I stand still in the dark it doesn’t take long for lots of things to start scurrying around. That’s part of the problem when I seen a cockroach as I tried to beat it but it seemed to pause to see what move I would make before counteracting me and disappearing before I caught it. A few days ago used to only seeing the giant Gecko at Aprils parents which is around 10” long which when mentioning to others they assume its a different species to the ones that hang around the lights until they seen it. I also discovered another that sits in the shadow round the corner from our outside light. Question is are these guys taking on the bigger bugs? I do love the Gecko’s though especially the one at Aprils parents as it will follow you around. If I am stood outside talking it will appear and look down from the wall watching us. Kento also often finds the same Gecko acting as a peeping tom in his bathroom at times which people who were disturbed by critters might panic at the same time this guy doesn’t do any harm and infact probably eats a lot more bugs and things than the smaller ones can keeping many of the bugs away from the properties.

It did give me an idea when I am back in the UK though to get a night vision camcorder as I am sure that at night there are some real big things roaming around and would be great to get some video footage. At the back of our house there is nearly 2 hectares of empty land bet there are some real treats in there!