How big is a house in the Philippines?

Odd question you may ask but I find a lot of people arriving have some very strange expectations on living in the Philippines. Not sure what it is maybe people writing about the big houses they have when selling e-books on look at me you can be like me living like a king in the Philippines! They big thing is most don’t even buy a  home they are renting, they are also renting a house that is often shunned by most locals as they know its expensive to cool which makes rental negotiable as they stay empty for long periods of time. Bit like having a Ferrari for sale how many people here can afford one? This is part of the housing trap when people build big houses is that there are few buyers for them. Better to build to a budget and reasonable costing. Electric is already the most expensive in Asia how much more if this scaremongering fuel crisis continues?

At the same time the video above is typical of a sub-division house which I think is what most expats would be looking at to live in. They are normally in guarded locations, compact but functional and generally the noise levels will be lower than you would find outside a sub division. Unless you have a church or some other location that loves to pump out high volume noise. We hear prayers at a small chapel which probably holds no more than 100 people. When I say hear its not us visiting the chapel! but the fact they have the prayers on an amplified sound system roughly 2 miles away which travels down the hills at the back of our house (we don’t live in a densely populated area).

Also what came up in a recent discussion was build quality and I think its paramount if buying a home in the Philippines that you inspect everything and not leave it to “its in the warranty” or promises by the real estate agent who will quickly disappear once cash changes hands. Everyone is as bad as each other and often law suits are tedious and likely to go in the developers favour because he can afford the fees.