How bad can things get in the Philippines for an expat?

First thought for many will be murder, robbed by wife or relatives but I am actually talking a slightly different scenario its the breadline. Its basically people who arrived with some money expecting to make do and get by and may have had a business or two fail. If not that illness that they recovered from. End result they are scraping by. A conversation I had with someone yesterday it opened a new insight to expat life here I haven’t seen where people are literally getting by. We manage on P15,000 per month but generally we spend around P30,000 which pretty much allows us to do what we want as well as business expansion. We do have more than that coming in but not in a rush to spend it. So what happens to guys living on less than P10,000 and unable to break the cycle I haven’t come across any to be honest in person but the conversation yesterday was regarding someone who was surviving on a lot less than us. Just want to throw this article out there to see what others are surviving on or are you sitting pretty? I don’t have a pension but I can say we spend at least P10,000 a month on construction expansion not including other stuff and financially we got over the bad turn we had a few months back which made us a bit more thrifty at the same time it opened up several new avenues. Our original income sources recovered and have now got passed where they were add to that several other business ventures have now tagged on we are doing a lot better than many out there. Just interested to know how others fair here in the Tropics..