How bad are things really these days in the Philippines?

It may sound an odd question except I have been researching natural disaster crisis management as well as many other things to do with Asian development. While doing so I came across a study of property construction methods which discussed the Philippines and a census taken in 1970 regarding the fact 9,000 government buildings including schools were damaged in that year due to severe weather damage. Yet here we are in 2011 where the annual bad weather is still creating the same problems so my question is this.. is the Philippines any worse these days than it was in 1970? The population growth at that time was based on 3% annually and obviously Luzon is very congested compared to the 70s but what has been done to improve the situation? What has been learned in 40 years of natural disasters? Because people talk these days of global warming and the damage to the planet etc but I often look at these types of data and wonder is it that the world is causing more disasters or the fact they have happened before and that people simply don’t prepare.

Why am I studying crisis management you might wonder purely because its easy to criticise but if you learn what are the root causes as well as look at how you can improve or understand the way things are handled or need to be managed you can start to see what is right and wrong. I do think many people bring disasters upon themselves by building things like houses upon rivers they know will have severe flooding or that abandon farming because aid is easier to obtain without any effort. Its a problem that I think has intensified in the last 100 years as before that we let people starve if they didn’t take care of themselves, we may not have had the medical care but at the same time for that reason we also didn’t have the population issues we have today. Hygiene is also something that seemed to have peaked and now declining rapidly which makes me wonder what does the future hold unless people start to work together and stop relying on goverments to fix all their problems.